Fort Worth

New Rules for Drivers at DFW Airport

Drivers will no longer be allowed to idle in their car at curbside pickup and drop-off areas

Drivers picking up and dropping passengers off at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport will have a new set of rules to follow starting in September, airport officials announced Wednesday.

DFW Airport CEO Sean Donohue said curbside areas at all five terminals will become "active loading and unloading zones." That means drivers will no longer be allowed park their cars curbside while they wait to pick up passengers.

The changes, which go into effect Sept. 8, are intended to decrease overall congestion and improve safety and security, Donohue said.

"There are more vehicles than ever at the airport, and we want to keep traffic moving, while providing safer access to our terminals," he said. "These necessary changes will improve the overall customer experience as it relates to traffic flow, efficiencies and ease of navigation."

The airport has added nearly 1,200 one-hour and two-hour parking spaces in garages for visitors to park their cars while they wait for passengers.

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