New Road Projects in Fast-Growing Prosper

In a summer packed with road projects, Prosper is adding one more

Drivers in Prosper can buckle up for some more changes to the town’s roads this summer.

Beginning June 26, parts of Hays Road, a north-south route used by many as an alternative to heavily-trafficked Preston Road, will be closed for paving.

Preston Road is also down to one lane in each direction, the site of a separate expansion project.

For Pat Sterling, who lives in a neighborhood directly off Hays Road, it is more of the same.  Sterling said pretty much every place she drives in town is under construction.

“It’s getting dangerous,” Sterling said. “The big trucks, you have to give them a lot of space.”

Sterling added those big trucks, and other heavy construction equipment, much of which has been driven into town to accommodate the area’s boom and subsequent infrastructure expansion, are also putting a strain on older roadways.

“They’ve been patching it since we’ve been here and it’s just gotten worse,” Sterling said, referring to Hays. “It’ll be nice when it’s over with. Like all things, change is hard.”

In a press release, town officials agreed with the sentiment.

“We’re asking all residents and business owners who use Hays Road to have patience during the reconstruction,” said Frank Jaromin, Public Works director. “We know that it will be an inconvenience, but the end result, as in all of these cases, will be worth it.”

Prosper is experiencing an unprecedented population boom. According to the latest census estimates, the town is a national leader in growth rates.

The project on Hays Road is expected to last until Sept. 1.

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