New Fake Amazon Email Scheme Targets Online Shoppers

There are new reports of a a phishing scheme that targets Amazon customers.

Some call it the "Amazon Prime Day Scam." Users receive an email that appears to be from with a subject line like "your order is out for delivery." The body of the email includes a links for details, a survey for a free gift and the option to unsubscribe.

Amazon has confirmed that this is a phishing scheme.

Many of these emails are trying to install malicious software on your computer or obtain personal information to steal your identity.


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Here's what you can do to spot a fake Amazon email:

• If the "from" line has anything other than, then it's not from Amazon. It shouldn't contain any symbols or numbers.
• If you can't remember if you placed an order or not, check your order history directly on under "your orders."
• Don't open any attachments or click any links from suspicious emails. If you've already done so, click here to visit Amazon's help page.

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