New Plans to Reduce Congestion in Plano's Legacy Area

About 15,000 people are expected to be working in Plano's Legacy area within the next year-and-a-half.

The staggering figure may be good for growth, but it raises serious concerns about traffic. On Thursday, officials in Plano announced new plans to head off the problem.

Cutting down on the number of cars on the road is a priority.

Peter Braster, Plano's director of special projects, said Thursday they need 20 percent of people who drive by themselves to the Legacy area for work to find other ways to commute.

"If 20 percent of those find alternate methods, everything will work just wonderfully," Braster said.

A new bike lane across the Legacy Drive bridge is one option.

A shuttle from Dallas Area Rapid Transit's light rail at Parker Road is another.

DART said it will also offer on-demand bus service to shuffle people around during lunch time.

"Our philosophy is not to continue to build concrete but provide choices so you can get out of the car. So they can make a choice to not sit in traffic," said DART President Gary Thomas.

Thomas says DART will roll out upgrades to its GoPass app in August. The upgrade will allow people to book Lyft, Uber and Zip Car rides without leaving the app.

Another option under consideration would be staggering work start times for some employees.

The idea will be discussed among a soon-to-be-formed Traffic Management Association, which was announced Thursday. The TMA will consist of local businesses tasked with developing ways to reduce congestion.

Shared rides and micro shuttles within the Legacy area are also being considered.

The North Texas Tollway Authority is adding extra lanes in both directions of the Dallas North Tollway. Construction is scheduled to wrap up in early 2018.

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