NTTA Hopes to Widen Dallas North Tollway Interchanges, Lanes

Agency plans to pay for improvements, must meet revenue goals

The North Texas Tollway Authority is unveiling plans to widen President George Bush Turnpike ramps and Dallas North Tollway lanes to ease congestion.

The agency said it could be in the final design process for the $101 million project by 2013 if it meets revenue goals.

"What we'll see is the widening of the direct-connect ramps," NTTA spokesman Michael Rey said. "In other words, everything north of the PGBT will see more traffic flow to it."

Another project to widen the DNT through Plano and up to the Sam Rayburn Tollway could also be in the works, he said. It would add an additional fourth lane for traffic at an estimated cost of $110 million.

Both projects would not be open to traffic until 2016.

The NTTA plans to pay for much of the projects with available funds, not by bonding, so the agency must meet revenue goals to get the ball rolling.

"If we don't hit those revenue targets, any of this could be pushed back until we have the money on hand," Rey said.

Kate Weller, of Dallas, said every car in her household has a tolltag but understands why others may balk at expensive projects.

"From time to time, people complain that, 'Haven't we paid enough? Isn't the tollway paid for?'" she said.

But Weller said improving traffic flow means better quality of life.

"I'm all for them reinvesting their money in the tollway to make our lives better," she said.

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