New Plan to Turn Plano's Collin Creek Mall Into $1 Billion Premiere Destination

You may have to fight the crowds to check things off your Christmas list, but not at Plano's Collin Creek Mall. Soon things could change. After years of struggles, new ownership hopes to breathe life into the 37-year-old complex.

For years the land encompassing the mall had been a patchwork of ownership, which proved challenging to potential redevelopment. But as of now, one developer owns the lot, except for J.C. Penney. Farmer's Branch based Centurion American bought up the property and is in talks to keep the department store, but move it. It’s a one-billion dollar renovation, with a vision similar to updated centers like the Shops at Legacy on Plano's west side.

“It's going to be the mixed-use but it's also gonna have its own flavor to it,” said Mayor Harry LaRosiliere.

Vanessa Brown, NBC 5 News
Collin Creek Mall, in Plano, will soon be redeveloped. Photo taken Dec. 21, 2018.

He said you'll likely see less surface parking. Instead, he expects vertical builds, office space, boutique retail and housing.

“It's going to be a catalyst for so many great things to happen and it's going to make Plano one of the premiere downtowns in all of America,” LaRosiliere said.

He anticipates it to create jobs as well as redefine Plano's downtown. Collin creek would become the western edge. A new DART station is planned for the southern end, with Avenue K to the east and 18th street to the north.

“That whole corridor is really ripe for development and we're going to take advantage of the timing and opportunity to make it right,” said the mayor.

So far, he has one business in mind. He said it’s a major employer for Plano that he'd like to relocate.

Vanessa Brown, NBC 5 News
Collin Creek Mall, in Plano, will soon be redeveloped. Photo taken Dec. 21, 2018.

“I sent Santa my list and I told him that we're on the nice list and I have a major company that I'd like to visit and bring them on board so we'll see if he listens to me,” LaRosiliere said.

The next step is getting the design plan ready to submit to the zoning department. That’s likely to happen in January. Once approve, city council will get to weigh in. The project could take several years to build.

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