Palo Pinto Fires Flare Up; Die Down

Firefighters get upper hand on fires burning since Friday.

Thunderstorms added to work for firefighters in Palo Pinto County on Sunday afternoon.

Crews fighting the two major fires fought two additional lightning sparked fires in Palo Pinto County. One blaze broke out in the Hog Bend area, by the south shore of Possum Kingdom Lake. The fire was extinguished after burning 65 acres.  Firefighters quickly doused another fire near Farm-to-Market Road 2951.

As of Sunday at 6 p.m., the Texas Forest Service said the Dark Valley Fire consumed 1,800 acres. It was 50 percent contained with no homes destroyed. 

The Rhodes Ranch II Fire burned 1,700 acres. It was 50 percent contained as well. No homes were destroyed.  No injuries were reported in either blaze.

The storms briefly stopped two Chinook helicopters from dropping water on the Dark Valley and Rhodes Ranch II wildfires. Both blazes are burning west of Mineral Wells.

Lightning strikes are believed to have ignited both the Dark Valley fire and Rhodes Ranch II fires, according to the Texas Forest Service.  

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