New Mural Adds Bright Color, Message to Dallas' West End

A colorful mural called 'The Power of Love' covers a wall on The Luminary building in the West End

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A mural on The Luminary building in Dallas' West End makes a bold, bright statement. It's called 'The Power of Love.'

"To just see what love can bring and what light can bring to everybody in the world," muralist Bradford Maxfield said of the inspiration behind his artwork.

The colorful mural says 'LOVE'. It covers 160 feet by 50 feet on the side of the new Luminary building.

It took Maxfield and his creative partner, Saeka Keeley two months, working 12 to 14 hour days, using 40-gallons of primer, 40-gallons of paint, and 100 cans of spray paint to finish the mural.

"It's really fun painting," Keeley said. "It was a lot of paint," Maxfield said laughing.

The design includes native Texas flora, and some fauna; Maxfield's dog, Achilles. "We were able to put him in the mural on the 'e'."

It was a labor of love.

"I feel as though muralists, especially on this scale, kind of have an obligation to bring positivity and bring love, because it can uplift whole communities," Maxfield said. "As humans, we're going through this together and we all need this," he said pointing to the bold 'LOVE' on his mural.

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