New Medication for Dogs With ‘Storm Fear’

A new anxiety drug for dogs offers relief for millions that suffer from “storm fear," many of them running for cover at the sound of thunderstorms or fireworks.

“I’ve had dogs go through plate glass windows before," said Dr. Tom Holbrook of Park Place Pet Hospital in Southlake.

Other dogs, Holbrook says, run into the street and get hit by cars.

Holbrook’s own dog, Benson suffers storm fear.

“He climbs on top of me when that happens," Holbrook said. "He weighs 85 pounds, which is a lot to have on your head!”

Now available by prescription to treat anxiety caused by loud noises, Sileo works quickly without any pills to swallow.

“You put it in the cheek and gums,” Holbrook said. "Just put the syringe right in the gum right there and just squirt so many dots, and the dots are on the syringe itself.”

The drug wears off within hours, so it doesn’t linger much past the fireworks show or the storm passing overhead.

“This will be real helpful, especially for those who won’t take a pill, or you can’t get the pill to them,” said Holbrook.

Each syringe costs $30, and holds enough medicine for two to four doses, depending on the dog’s weight.

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