New Oak Cliff Market Brings New Hope

“Boomers on Bishop” Grand Opening This Weekend

For Marco Cavazos, cigars are a passion. And he's now taking his first chance into turning his passion into a business by opening up a booth at a new indoor marketplace in Oak Cliff called “Boomers on Bishop."

"You have different unique shops from people who ordinarily who wouldn't be able to get the capital," Cavazos said.
Located at 504 Bishop Avenue in Dallas, the marketplace is the idea of Rodger Black and his wife, Maribel. 
"It's not just ‘boomers’ for baby boomers," said Black. "But let this be an incubator--a birthing place for young entrepreneurs and maybe we'll have a new "boom" of entrepreneurs." 
A few months ago, Black—who is a baby boomer himself—and his wife took the 1,500 square foot empty storefront, renovated it to create 11 booths and a deli—leasing it to artists and young entrepreneurs like Cavazos and his business, "Cigar Art".
"Having the ability of doing it like this where we can maintain things a bit easier has been the key for us," Cavazos said.
Among the cigars, there's handcraft jewelry, clothing, accessories and even vintage vinyl records.
"Boomers on Bishop" is taking advantage of the eclectic surroundings the community attracts.  
"You know it builds it together, it's a glue--so to speak and it represent everyone with the music, and the food, and the culture and the fashion and everything,” Alicia Lafouade, a booth occupant said.
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