New Law Aims To Give Consumers More Protection Over Credit Reports' Security

Last year's Equifax data breach led to many fears over American's credit reports being up for grabs.

The one fix made available to help protect you was a credit freeze.

"A credit freeze is like a super lock on your credit that prevents any of the bad guys from getting in," said Tedd Rossman of creditcards.com

But a leading research company says most of us aren't freezing our credit reports. Data shows only 5 percent of Americans actually bothered to do it. 

"It's mostly faded from the headlines and while they're important changes, they're not the wholesale change we thought would take place," said Rossman.

A new law hopes to help encourage others to use the freeze by eliminating all fees associated freezing your account.

You still have to contact all three credit bureaus though to order a freeze.

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