New Fort Worth Race Relations Task Force Set

The new Fort Worth Task Force on Race and Culture is set and ready to go, pending City Council approval.

The approval vote comes as the city is facing racial tension on several different fronts.

The 23-member group hopes to tackle the relationship between police and the community first. This comes on the heels of the controversial arrest of Jacqueline Craig, calls for the resignation of Chief Joel Fitzgerald and the demotion of two high ranking minority police officials.

All those issues along with protests about the “Sanctuary City Bill” are expected to surface Tuesday when City Council returns from break.

Is the task force ready for what they are walking into?

“I'm going to be as prepared as much as I can be prepared. I understand there is tension out there and it's real we can't ignore that,” Co-chair Bob Ray Sanders said.

The group expects to meet for a year and make recommendations to the council that could cause real change.

“I expect city ordinances to come out of what our work produces,” Sanders said.

Sanders said they are ready to hit the ground running.

“We know that police/community relations has to be one of the issues and I would assume that would be one of the first things we would take a look at because that's the hottest issue in town right now,” Sanders said.

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