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New Fort Worth Police Chief Sworn in Tuesday

City council is expected to officially swear in Neil Noakes during their afternoon meeting

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Fort Worth's new police chief was officially sworn in Tuesday night.

Neil Noakes -- who is transitioning from his role as deputy chief -- replaced Chief Ed Kraus, who announced his retirement last July.

The Fort Worth City Council swore him in Tuesday night.

The new chief is already making some major decisions as he takes office.

One of his first orders of business was putting an officer on restricted duty due to some inappropriate social media posts that were discovered over the weekend.

During Noakes' hiring process, community policing and cultivating relationships was a big mission he pledged during interviews.

Even on his job application, he wrote about the importance of building "community partnerships, positive reform and beneficial change for all."

He most recently talked about it during a speech when the city announced his appointment as police chief.

"No matter how good any agency is, it can be better - and I think one of the things that makes us a great agency is we know we can be better," Noakes said.

He added that he's vowing to tackle ongoing racial tensions and a soaring murder and crime rate in the city -- by involving the community in every step.

"There's a culture we want to make sure we instill in Fort Worth about treating people with dignity and respect. A culture of transparency, accountability and not just community engagement but community inclusion. It's one thing to engage with someone it's another thing to include them in the process," he said.

Noakes is a 20 year veteran with Fort Worth police and most recently oversaw three patrol divisions.

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