Texas Rangers

New Father Elvis Andrus: ‘Having a Kid Will Help You'

Texas Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus is now entering his 10th season in the big leagues.

While the game has taught him a lot of things over the course of his career, he says a big and recent change in his personal life is helping him like nothing has before.

"Everybody should know when they're ready for a kid, but then yes -- having a kid will help you," said Andrus.

Last July, Andrus' wife gave birth to their first child, Elvis Emilio Andrus Febles.

Being a first-time father comes with its own set of challenges -- but in the case of Andrus, he says it's been rejuvenating experience.

"It just took a lot of things out of my mind," said Andrus. "I'm finally able to go home and forget about my at bats, forget about if I didn't make a swing, or if I struck out with the bases loaded...Going home and disconnecting from the reality of baseball at that moment is huge because you can concentrate on something else. Your body can feel it and your mind can relax. And as soon as I go back to the field the next day, you feel fresh."

He says he looks forward to that feeling carrying him through the 2018 season.

"It did help me and it’s still helping me right now," said Andrus.

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