New Eye Drops Can Replace Your Readers

FDA approves prescription eye drops that can improve age-related blurry near vision

NBCUniversal, Inc.

A new eye drop that could help people ditch their readers is on the market.

Vuity is the first FDA-approved eyedrop to treat age-related, blurry, near vision also known as presbyopia.

A single drop can correct your vision so that you can see up close, without the use of readers, for six to 10 hours.

Key-Whitman Eye Center was a trial site for the medication. Dr. Jeffrey Whitman talked with NBC 5 about what patients can expect.

Whitman said they noticed participants in the trial that were not given the placebo noticed changes in about 30 minutes. He said patients showed very few negative reactions.

He reiterated that not everyone is a candidate to use the drops and that they should be evaluated by a doctor before using the drops.

Whitman said the drops are a diluted form of a drop originally made to treat glaucoma and that it works by making the pupil smaller which creates a pinhole effect that makes things sharper.

A 30-day supply of eye drops will cost around $80 and won't be covered by health insurance.

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