New Effort Targets Unsolved Murders in Dallas

The majority of unsolved cases are located in the south side of Dallas

One month into 2017, and murder cases continue to build for investigators with the Dallas Police Department.

In 2016, the murder rate increased 28 percent. The clearance rate dropped to 48 percent, meaning more than half of Dallas murders remained unsolved.

"There were 86 unsolved homicide cases in 2016," said Deputy Chief Thomas Castro. "We have 15 cases in 2017. Are goal is to get these perpetrators off of the street."

Currently, 14 homicide detectives are working up to 12 cases a piece. There have been several arrests made, involving murders in 2016 and 2017, but Castro says that is not enough.

"One unsolved case is too many. We need the community's help. We have to build trust and gain understanding. If there are people who know something, have seen something, or heard something we need them to come forward. Witness testimony is critical," said Castro.

The majority of unsolved cases are located in the south side of Dallas.

"I want residents to know that I care, that my detectives care. We get frustrated when the case stalls out, we live with these cases too," said Castro.

Monday night is the start of series of community meetings on behalf of the Dallas Police Department.

"For the first time, homicide detectives will come to the meetings and explain to the residents the investigation process," said Castro. "There will also be a question and answer period."

Detectives will also discuss a few previous murder cases.

The meeting will take place at Salem Institutional Baptist Church in Dallas at 6 p.m.

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