Dallas Police

New DPD Chief to Cut Command Staff

The new Dallas Police Chief says the department is too top-heavy and the community is suffering because of it.

This is something the department hasn't seen in years and it means all of the Assistant and Deputy Chiefs will have to re-interview for their positions. While some are concerned about oversight, others say it's long overdue.

"It's refreshing to see somebody come in and actually shake the tree so much that she's saying you know what nobody's job is secure," said Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata.

Certainly there were rumors swirling about top brass cuts at DPD, but now it's official. "I am assessing the police department as a whole to make sure that in our support units as well as in our administrative bureaus that we are adequately staffed," Chief Hall said.

The new Chief says there are too many Assistant and Deputy Chiefs and that all of them must re-interview for the job and that only half will remain. 
The new strategy is something DPA President Mike Mata says will help speed up processes and integrate a unified voice.

"You've got to have a solid mission statement where everybody believes the same mission statement, the direction of the department and that's what we have been lacking for years," Mata said.

The shifting of gears doesn't mean current command staff will lose their jobs, but for those who who don't make the grade, they'll likely be demoted to previous ranks. "Ultimately it will mean more officers on the street," Chief Hall said.

The Chief says the interviews for these positions will begin next week with a new command staff announcement as early as November 1st.

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