New Documentary Sheds Light on Murdered Sisters

Friends of two North Texas sisters shot and killed in 2008 are speaking out, hoping a new documentary about "honor violence" will help lead to the girls' killer.

The girls, Amina Yaser Said, 18, and Sarah Yaser Said, 17, were shot and killed Jan. 1, 2008, in a taxi cab.  Their father, Yaser Said, is suspected in their slayings and has not been seen since, despite being featured on America's Most Wanted.

“We met Amina and Sarah here at the Tae Kwon Do studio and both beautiful, friendly, intelligent girls with hopes and dreams,” said Ruth Trotter.

Trotter's son, Joseph, started dating Amina in 2004 and the girl quickly became like family.

“Young love. A lot of potential great things to come. Or so we thought,” said Trotter

Now, both Ruth and Joseph have spoken out for the first time in an upcoming documentary called "The Price of Honor."

The film focuses on the murders of the girls, but according to a statement on the film's website, also reveals new information about the investigation.

"Friends, family members, experts and activists against 'honor violence' emotionally guide viewers through the girls' lives and deaths, in the process launching a movement to bring Yaser Said to justice. The Price of Honor discredits the prevailing theory that Yaser fled to his native Egypt after shooting his daughters, instead proposing that he is in hiding in the U.S.," according to a statement on the film's website.

“It is extremely important for justice and the only way that is going to be found is bringing this back to public eye,” Ruth Trotter added.

"The Price of Honor" premieres at Lakewood Theater in Dallas on Sept. 7.  It will premiere in Los Angeles at Majestic Crest Theater on Sept. 21.

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