New Discount Super Store in Arlington Puts Price in Customers' Hands

Crazy Cazboy's opens its 5th store in Arlington on Friday

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Bargain shoppers have a new store in North Texas. Crazy Cazboy's will open its new 41,140 square foot store in Arlington on Friday. There is no set inventory. It changes weekly.

"We have no idea," Crazy Cazboy's Founder and CEO John Cassimus said.

"You may find something in here today. We may get it every week, or we may never see it in here again."

Crazy Cazboy's is a retail liquidator The products come from places like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. As workers stocked the store on Tuesday, the bins were filled with everything from mops to mattresses, Christmas cards to collagen power, and pants to puzzles.

Though the inventory varies, the price is fixed on a decreasing scale. Every Friday every item is $7.00.

"The customer decides if they want to pay $7.00 for it," Cassimus said. "If they don't, they come back the next day and it's $5.00."

The prices drop every day until Wednesday.

"And on Wednesday, everything is a quarter, until it's gone," Cassimus said. "The urgency of getting an item before everybody else gets it creates some fun."

Every week, the cycle and products start anew.

As a contract liquidator, Cassimus said he has no control over what products he gets, but there are deals to be had on some bigger ticket items, like hair care products and camping gear, and more.

"There could be an Apple product in here, which is really appealing," Cassimus said. "An iPhone and Apple watch, things like that."

Shoppers need to download a free app and pay either a $15.00 yearly membership or $5.00 day pass to be able to buy at Crazy Cazboy's. Shoppers are not allowed to wear jackets inside the store, or bring in purses or bags.

The store's grand opening is 9:00 a.m. Friday, March 26. It is located at 5425 South Cooper Street in Arlington.

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