New Details in Arrest for Murder of Rapper MO3

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A 22-year old parolee was in jail Thursday for the brazen November 11 Dallas freeway murder of rap music artist Mo3, known to his family as Melvin Noble.

Soon after the broad daylight killing on the I-35E R.L. Thornton Freeway in Oak Cliff, police released a photo of the gunman in action.

That man, now identified as Kewon Dontrell White, has a prior arrest history and was paroled earlier this year according to public records.

Police said White was arrested Wednesday and charged with murder and also a federal weapons violation for possession of firearms by a convicted felon.   

Criminal Defense Attorney Ray Jackson who is not involved in the case said other people may be involved and authorities will surely be asking White to name them.

“It's like using toothpaste, you squeeze at the bottom and it comes out at the top. So, you try to get as many people as you can that are involved,” Jackson said.

The attorney said Instagram photos White posted, showing him with what looks like guns and money, could be damaging for White’s defense.

Social media remarks strongly suggest the Mo3 killing was a paid hit from a third party.

“Especially if it's believed that this shooting occurred as the result of somebody getting paid to kill him.” Jackson said.

The fact that federal investigators are involved could also lead to a bigger case according to Jackson, such as an organized criminal enterprise, or RICO case.

“Absolutely it could be potentially a RICO case with there being paid for murder. So there’s no telling where this case could go. And the other thing you have to consider is, federally, there are more funds available for investigation,” Jackson said.

A press release from the Dallas United States Attorney said White was arrested Wednesday in Oak Cliff by officers from the US Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, the US Marshal Service and Dallas Police. The US Attorney’s office also said an affiliate of White was in custody.

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