New Details Emerge in Plano Hidden Camera Case

Police say they have video of other hidden cameras being built

Arrest documents in the case of a Plano Peeping Tom suggest there could be other hidden cameras in North Texas bathrooms.

On Monday, Plano police arrested 43-year-old Christopher Furber for improper photography or video recording.

The arrest report, released Tuesday, revealed that Furber planted the hidden camera disguised as an air freshener in a family changing room at Oak Point Recreation Center in Plano, just before a swim meet.

According to the arrest report, Furber not only recorded himself installing the hidden camera in the bathroom, but building it in his car.

The arrest report states, “detectives observed multiple components, including other white plastic containers, battery packs and other items used to construct these recording devices in the vehicle, leading detectives to believe that there are multiple devices."

“We have to go under the assumption they could be out there and continue to check our facilities even still, because these devices could be out there,” said Plano police officer David Tilley.

Police said the camera they recovered recorded a 10-year-old female changing out of her swimsuit after the swim meet. Police said the girl's 4-year-old brother, accidentally knocked the air freshener off the wall, which is how they found it.

“It’s not something we see here every day in Plano, it’s disturbing,” said Tilley.

In a search of Furber's Garland home, police seized more than a dozen video cameras, including thee motion activated cameras, and three cameras disguised as keyless remote entries for cars.


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Plano police said this is a good reminder that video voyeurism can take many forms.

“People have an image of what this device looks like, that doesn't necessarily mean that's what all the devices look like, look for anything suspicious at all,” said Tilley.

Furber is free on a $25,000 bond.

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