Timberview High School

New Details About Timberview High School Shooting

Shooting victim could face charges for what led to the shooting

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The 18-year old accused of wounding four people at Arlington’s Timberview High School was released from jail Thursday after his family bailed him out of the Tarrant County Jail on a $75,000 bond.

Timothy Simpkins faces three counts of aggravated assault after police say he pulled a gun from his backpack and aimed at a 15-year old who’d been fighting with him in a classroom Wednesday morning.

Assistant Arlington Police Chief Kevin Kolbye said Simpkins was wearing white in a widely circulated Facebook video of that fight, which happened moments before the shooting. The 15-year-old was seen repeatedly hitting Simpkins in that video.

Kolbye said the 15-year old, who was still recovering in a hospital Thursday, could face charges, too.

“Through our investigation, nothing is off the table. I've committed that there will be accountability and we are looking into any conduct that could be criminal conduct by him,” Kolbye said. “Even though there was a fight and it looked like it was a pretty brutal fight, there’s still no justification to bring a gun in a school.”

Simpkins relatives have claimed that he has been the victim of bullying. An attorney representing Simpkins said the situation is unlike other school shootings where people with guns fire randomly at anyone.

Timberview High School is in an Arlington portion of the Mansfield Independent School District.

Kolbye said Arlington Police are working with Mansfield ISD Police to look for past reports of bullying.

“Any kid today that feels there is bullying in our schools, they need to be sure they report that to their school administrators,” Kolbye said. “We want answers to understand how this fight occurred, why it occurred. And we also want to understand why the youth today feel they need guns in our schools.”

A gun that was recovered has been matched to shell casing found in that classroom.  Police are still investigating how Simpkins obtained the gun.

Kolbye said he approved the plan Wednesday to evacuate 1700 Timberview students after the shooting and bus them to the Mansfield ISD Performing Arts Center to be reunited with parents to get them safely away from the crime scene.

The Assistant Chief said another juvenile was arrested Thursday for making threats of violence to Ousley Junior High School in the Arlington Independent School District.

“I ask for parents to make sure they are actively monitoring and talking with their children about social media threats,” Kolbye said. “It’s just not acceptable today.”

Timberview High School was scheduled to be closed for students on Friday and Monday.

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