New Dallas Pedestrian Bridge Bittersweet For Grieving Family

After almost a decade of waiting and a number of frustrating delays, the pedestrian bridge over a dangerous and deadly Dallas roadway is finally open.

For the friends and family of those who have been injured or died after accidents, the Mockingbird Lane Pedestrian Bridge is long overdue.

"If it was completed when it was supposed to be completed, that incident would not of happened when my best friend was killed," Donald Ford said.

Ford’s best friend, Gary Murray, was killed in a hit and run accident at the location in April of 2016.

“It's been years since they originally approved the project,” Ford said. “It's a relief that finally no tragedy like what happened with my best friend is ever going to happen again.”

Murray was a popular Dallas film blogger and his death brought added attention to the unfinished bridge project.

"I think he's kind of looking down and smiling that unfortunately the only good that has come out of this bad is that this thing is finally done and other people will be safe from it," Ford said.

The Mockingbird Lane bridge officially opened to the public Thursday.

It will start from the back of the Highland Dallas Hotel, go over Mockingbird Lane and end at the Mockingbird DART Station.

“It is going to do more than extend the Katy Trail. It's going to make things safer for the general public and the community,” Ford said.

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