New Dallas Freeway Ramp Throws Drivers a Curve

A new ramp on the $798 million Dallas Mixmaster reconstruction project has drivers complaining of a steep incline and narrow lanes.

The so called "Horseshoe Project" replaces the interchange between Interstate 30 and Interstate 35E.

The ramp in question connects westbound I-30 to southbound I-35E, which used to be a left side exit and now exits I-30 on the right side.

It is a steep two-lane ramp with no shoulders that curves as drivers rise up and then travel down the other side.

Tow truck driver Eliu Perez said he needs both lanes to get his fully loaded wrecker up and over the ramp.

"It gets very narrow, so I would have to wait to get both lanes," he said. "And if there's not enough space I would have to stop completely to get both lanes. And then it would be more difficult to get the rig up there because I have to get speed again, and it's just very difficult."

Driver Constance Hampton said she has safely navigated the ramp in her car but notices the issue.

"It's the drivers," she said. "If the drivers are driving safe and in their lanes, then yes, it's fine. If they're speeding along, then you're going to get sideswiped."

Looking at the towering ramp from below, driver Barion Titus said the ramp looks like a roller coaster ride.

"That right there, I would not be on that. No," he said.

Titus worries what will happen on the high, narrow ramp when cars collide in icy winter weather.

"You hit that car, it's going to fall right off the ramp," he said.

The current arrangement is temporary.

Officials with the Horseshoe Project said Friday the two-lane ramp will become a one-lane exit directly to Colorado Boulevard when a wider, more gradual two-lane interstate connection with shoulders is completed. "Hopefully they get it done soon, and hopefully we don't have no accidents there," Perez said.

Completion of the Horseshoe Project is set for summer 2017.

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