New Dallas County Zika Cases Worry Pregnant Women

News about 10 pregnant women in Dallas County who preliminary tested positive for the Zika virus has many North Texas families concerned.

Pregnant women are calling their doctors and looking for guidance.

"Those are issues we are facing in our office these days and phone calls that we're receiving," said Dr. Ashley Zink, a maternal fetal medicine specialist. "The recommendations are evolving."

Veronica Riojas had a routine visit with her doctor at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano on Tuesday. Her baby is due next week.

"I had a mosquito bite and I showed it to my doctor. Thankfully, he reassured me it was OK," said Riojas. "I asked him three or four times."

Riojas postponed a trip to Mexico and has taken extra precautions.

"My dad got a big fog spray and did my whole backyard. We don't have any standing water. We got rid of our fountains," Riojas said. "I'm not outside as much. I have bug spray and I don't go anywhere."

Dr. Richard Kaye will deliver Riojas' baby.

"We're in Texas in the summer. It has been raining here. People are going to get bites. Until we get mosquitoes here with the Zika virus, they (pregnant women) should just consider those bites," said Kaye. "The primary question I get relates to travel, and I've had patients with travel plans to go to Mexico. Some have canceled and some have not."

"It's a risk you can't recover from. There's not treatment for it. It is too high of a risk to take. Don't go," Kaye added.

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