New Cameras to Beef Up Love Field Security

500 new cameras to be installed

The new security systems going in at Dallas Love Field might resemble something from a sci-fi novel.

But Karl Martin can't say what technology is going into the airport.

"We can't talk about what is being done specifically in the back house," Martin said with a smile.

The senior manager of IT operations with the city of Dallas is overseeing the installation of the system, which includes more than 500 HD cameras throughout the airport.

The new camera system costs between $6 million and $7 million. Martin said the airport received a $3.4 million grant from the Transportation Security Administration to help pay for the cameras.

The high-definition cameras will be able to watch travelers checking their bags on the curb and all the way to the gates.

The cameras will also be able to zoom into areas where the old cameras couldn't monitor. Martin said they will have "the ability to really focus in into really specific, small areas that before were really nothing more than granular pictures coming back."

Martin didn't go into details, but said the HD system and cameras could allow TSA and Love Field security personnel to put the images into face-recognition software for enhanced security.

"Those are things that are out there in the industry," he said.

Martin also mentioned that the system would allow security officers to receive video and pictures on their cellphones during emergency situations.

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