New Airline Offers Unique Flying Experience

Flying has turned into a pain for many people, and a fledgling airline based in Dallas wants to change that.

After spending years racking up business miles while managing other startups, Nicholas Kennedy started Rise in July. His airline offers unlimited flights on a private plane between Dallas, Houston and Austin.

"The ideal client is anyone who wants more time," he said.

Security lines, rising costs and waiting are just a few of the pains that Kennedy wants to remove from the flying experience. He said he wanted to create his airline the way passengers would.

"How would you do it?" he asked. "That's what we've done here and we've given complete controls to the members to be able to decide that."

For a monthly membership fee of about $1,600, customers can book unlimited flights. Then they can book seats using an app and arrive only 15 minutes before the flight leaves.

"Without all the security, it saves time," Rise passenger Wayne Horak said. "We meet a lot of other professionals on the flight, so we're able to network. It's been great."

Kennedy said they hope to soon expand the number of flights and routes offered by Rise.


NBC 5's Todd L. Davis contributed to this report.

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