Fort Worth

New Addiction Treatment Services Available In Southlake

A new addiction recovery center in Southlake hopes to put an end to the stigma surrounding addiction.

ARISE Recovery Centers is now open and offering outpatient treatment for people ready to take on their drug or alcohol addiction.

They offer group and individual therapy with masters-level clinicians, as well as family services and telehealth options, which allows patients to receive therapy via a computer or smart phone.

According to the website, ARISE "was created to provide our clients with affordable, transparent, individualized, best practice, and effective treatment while staying grounded in the principles of 12 step recovery. We work with each individual to heal their mind, body, and spirit, as they develop new life skills that result in long-term recovery."

CEO and Co-Founder, Danny Andino said the hope is to help those who might feel ashamed about their disease.

"It's a higher socio-economic level and status in Southlake and there's a lot of addiction here. A lot of it is still kind of suppressed and the stigma is too strong for some people, so our goal and dream is to help change the stigma associated with addiction," said Andino.

He says they plan to open up another location in Fort Worth.

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