Neighbors Want Pit Bull Gone After Attack

Residents hope the dog's owner will be fined and the dog kept on a tight leash

Residents of a Grand Prairie neighborhood near Belt Line Road and Interstate 20 want to see an end to a recurring problem, a pit bull running loose that some say threatens those who live in their quiet community.

Since July neighbors have reported the dog at least four times, including three times for roaming. The last report, however, was for an attack on a golden retriever named Remington who was attacked while walking with his owner Warren Tucker.

"They just kind of had a growl and the next thing you know the pit had my dog within seconds on the ground and just had it by the neck. And we were pulling, trying to get them separated, and they just wouldn’t separate," he said.

Grand Prairie Animal Control seized the dog after the attack but released the dog back to the custody of it's owners, as they had done three times before. On Oct. 21, the city issued a citation to the dog's owner for "dog at large, causing injury to another animal."

Residents in this neighborhood said the dog not only attacked other dogs, but also people.

"When I saw it go after a neighbor I had to intervene. I yelled at the dog. At that point the dog charged me. So yes, I was being attacked by this dog," said Grand Prairie resident Steve Graham. "It’s unpredictable and it attacks people. I have a 3-year-old. I have a small girlfriend. She could be out doing yard work, this dog is unpredictable."

Neighbors said they’re relieved the pit bull was removed again but hope for a permanent solution.

"If you’re a pit bull owner, there’s no sense for it to be out and about, it should be really locked up, at their house where there is no way to get out," said Tucker.

City officials said there is a possible dangerous dog case pending.

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