Neighbors Make Sure Elderly Dallas Man Who Lives Alone is Not Lonely on His Birthday

Neighbors gathered at Ross Musso's Royal Avenue home in Dallas to celebrate his 86th birthday.

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Ross Musso lives alone in the Royal Avenue home his father built in 1951, with his three rescue dogs in their back yard 'Six Wags' theme park to keep him company. On Monday, Musso had a lot of company in his driveway to celebrate his 86th birthday.

"Nice day for a birthday party, isn't it," one neighbor asked. "86-years old? 86-years young! I'm sorry."

Living alone can be lonely. Living alone during a pandemic can be isolating. Musso's neighbors didn't want him to celebrate his birthday alone. So they put on an open invitation on the social media network, Nextdoor, to ask people to bring cards and gifts.

"It's my birthday," Musso said with a twinkle in his eyes. "I didn't want to be a star."

"Up until a year ago he was a stranger," neighbor Nancy Latner said. "One day my husband and I were walking and we stopped by and talked to him and found out he's by himself."

Latner made the Nextdoor post. She opened cards addressed to Musso and read them aloud to him. "You got $20," Latner said after opening one card. The perfect gift for a man whose house trim, truck, and shoelaces are his favorite color...green.

"I am so overwhelmed by these good people," Musso said getting emotional about the outpouring of love. "I don't deserve all this."

Musso calls his neighbors his angels.

"He feels like family," neighbor Lisa Dickson said. "We're all family during these crazy times. We're all family."

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