Neighbors Frustrated With Large Crowds, Crimes Outside 2 Greenville Avenue Bars

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Surreal is how Jacob Broom described a drive-by shooting captured on his home's surveillance camera.

It happened during the early hours of Oct. 10 along Lower Greenville.

Video shows one car opening fire on another vehicle before it speeds away. Stray bullets shattered windows in a neighboring home.

While Dallas police were on-scene investigating that drive-by shooting, more gunfire erupted just a block away outside the OT Tavern and Room 3606.

"It's terrifying," said Tammy Horne, who lives behind the bars. "There's screaming. There's fighting. There are shootings. I've called the cops I don't know how many times."

Since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted last month, neighbors said the problems have actually gotten worse with large crowds seen gathering outside.

It's why neighbors said it's time the city of Dallas do something about the bars.

"This isn't a one-time deal," Broom said. "It's been a years long issue."

In 2015, a man was murdered in the parking lot.

Dallas City Councilman David Blewett said the city is listening to neighbor concerns.

He said bar management has met with Dallas police and community prosecutors to ensure off-duty officers are working security and tasked with clearing the parking lot after the bars close.

Blewett also said Dallas Fire-Rescue has conducted frequent checks to make sure the bars are complying with COVID-19 crowd sizes and they've passed those inspections.

NBC 5 reached out to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. A spokesperson said they began to receive complaints regarding potential social distancing issues beginning in late September and the complaints remain under investigation.

Broom and Horne said they are not against bars. In fact, both said nightlife is part of the appeal of living in the area, they just want everyone to be a good neighbor and safety should come first.

"It’s just beyond out of control every night they are open. And they don’t seem to care," Horne said.

NBC 5 reached out to both establishments.

Room 3606 said, "There's been no crime" and sent a copy of the last COVID-19 related inspection they passed. NBC 5 did not hear back from OT Tavern.

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