Neighbors Frustrated After Eviction Trash Sits For Days

Residents say they were told trash would be removed days ago

Imagine walking out your front door to see the front yard of a neighbor's home covered in trash and debris.

For residents on a street in Fort Worth's Park Glen neighborhood that's exactly what's been happening since Thursday afternoon.

Neighbors tell NBC DFW the homeowners faced foreclosure last week. The residents were evicted on Thursday afternoon. Now four days later, the front yard and neighborhood are now littered with personal belongings.

"I want to get this cleaned up for our homeowners, there's no reason why the people who have to live around here need to put up with this," said Kevin Hammack, Park Glen HOA president.

Hammack said he was told the debris were not created by the now former resident, but rather the landlord. He was also told the clean-up would be done by Friday (May 1), or as late as early Saturday.

"They did not show up and you see the result," Hammack said on Sunday, May 3. "And now our homeowners are having to suffer through this kind of stuff in out neighborhood." 

It is not just the potential health hazard that residents are concerned about. They're also concerned about the eviction process. They openly question how a person's life can just be thrown into the front yard. NBC DFW found one of the resident's tax forms in the debris.

"We've had people coming through at four in the morning with flashlights going through the rubble," said neighbor Holly Letz. "We've had to run people off because they're literally going through that man's misfortunes."

Neighbors Holly and Doug Letz said the family fell on hard times in recent years and the man's wife died last fall. While they understand the eviction process, they believe the trashing scene wasn't necessary.

"There should be another process, should be another way of doing it than just leaving the stuff out there," said Doug Letz. "Take it to storage for the man."

"There has just got to be a better process, this is not a way to run a business in my view," Hammack said.

It's a view some neighbors have been told will be addressed on Monday, but they remain skeptical. And as much as they want the trash picked-up, they also feel for the family.

"It's been very heartbreaking," Holly Letz said.

County records indicate the property owner as DFW R20 LLC. The Colleyville-based company did not return NBC 5's calls for comment on Sunday.

Neighbors say two Tarrant County Constables were present during the eviction process. They also said a Fort Worth Code Compliance Officer was on-hand and that is when they were told the clean-up would be done by Saturday morning.

NBC 5 reached out to the City of Fort Worth and Code Compliance on Sunday for comment, but have not heard back as of this writing.

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