Neighbors Brace for More Flooding in Fort Bend County

In parts of Fort Bend County, southwest of Houston, people are under mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders from Tropical Storm Harvey.

There are fears a rapidly rising Brazos River could cause levees to fail and flood homes and property in the Rosenberg area.

In the Kingdom Heights neighborhood off Farm-to-Market Road 723, many people spent Monday morning frantically packing and leaving their homes.

Melvin McClay decided to leave with his wife and 6-year-old son.

"It's scary, because this is something you invest in. But, it's just a house. Life is more important than house," McClay said.

One neighbor had been using his boat to save people trapped in floodwaters in other parts of the Houston area. He raced home to grab his own family.

"I'm going to try to get my family safe," the man said.

Time is running out. The Brazos River is already past flood stage at 45 feet. With more rain on the way, the National Weather Service forecasts it will crest at a record 59 feet.

The Campion family moved everything they owned upstairs in the hopes of saving some things if it floods.

"If it breaches the levee, I'm sure our house is going to be under seven or eight feet of water, so the first floor is gone," said Brian Campion. "We saved everything we can, and we're headed for higher ground. I think that's all we can do at this moment."

Local officials have urged people living in those areas to leave, warning if the levees give way, the flooding will be devastating.

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