Neighbors Are Forcing Neighbors Into Foreclosure

Thousands of Americans who've kept up with their mortgages could still lose their homes because they let their homeowner association dues slide.

The Associated Press reports condo and neighborhood associations may have the right to foreclose when dues aren't paid.

Lacey Pilat of Irving lost her job catering corporate parties and then nearly lost her two-story house.

The management company eventually agreed to let the family pay the debt over time. The Pilats cut a check for $600 in April that drained their checking account -- but saved the house. They're slowly paying off the $1,200 debt.

Many homeowner associations have turned the job of collecting member dues over to outside management companies.

In Texas, foreclosure attempts initiated by homeowner associations in 19 counties are up 30 percent from two years ago. That's according to Dallas-based Foreclosure Listing Services.

In the San Antonio area foreclosure actions by homeowner associations jumped to 170 in April -- compared to 21 in April 2008. Details are from

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