Neighborhood Embraces Colonial Craziness

Colonial Hills Residents Deal with Detours, Checkpoints, Traffic During Tournament

The Crowne Plaza Invitational is under way at Fort Worth's Colonial Country Club.

The course and tournament have a unique setting as they are tucked into the Colonial Hills neighborhood, where residents embrace the craziness that comes with a major sporting event.
Just a few streets over from the club this week, you'll find 8-year-old Simon and his neighbors hard at work, trying to cash-in. 
"They were like 25 cents, that's a great deal," he said. "One day we got a lot of customers, like 12 or something."
That was last year though. On the first day of the tournament this year, business was far less brisk.
"But we're going to keep trying," Simon said.
Looking to make a little money off Colonial is nothing new. of course.
For years, yards cars would fill neighborhood yards with paying customers. However, that's not happening this year.
Road closures and police checkpoints are limiting access to only those with proper credentials. 
"There was always two up until this year and I think there's 11 or 12 now," said Robin Walton, who lives in the neighborhood.
The checkpoints, therefore, are leaving empty lawns and some residents disappointed. The lawn parking is legal, having been officially allowed under city ordinance just last year.
But other than that and some issues with speeding drivers on the closed the streets, residents embrace the Colonial chaos. 
"In my house, we say, 'the zoo comes to us this week'," Walton said.
But for all the headaches and detours, there is a positive spirit. Just ask Simon and his neighbors, who finally got that first big sale of the year.
"Yes, that was our biggest sale, so we hope we get more," he said.
Some residents said they were told security reasons is why more checkpoints were added around the neighborhood.
The Colonial runs through the weekend.
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