Neighborhood Association Wants Earlier Closing Time for Uptown Bars

Your favorite Dallas bar could soon be shutting down earlier than you'd like.

Under a new proposal by the Uptown Neighborhood Association, area bars will close at midnight unless they have a special permit to serve you.

Homeowners, bar owners, and city leaders are meeting in Uptown Dallas to discuss the proposal.

The Uptown Neighborhood Association says it's becoming a nuisance late at night on a four block stretch of McKinney Avenue.

Homeowners are complaining about loud noise, bad behavior and traffic congestion.

In order to reduce neighborhood problems, homeowners want area bars to close at midnight or apply for a late night permit to operate until 2 a.m.

It's a model already used in the Lower Greenville neighborhood.

"We would anticipate that most of the bars would not have an issue of getting that special use permit until 2 a.m.," said Tony Page, an Uptown Neighborhood Association representative. "The idea is to draw the boundaries of this district as narrowly as possible."

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