Neighbor, Family React to Arrest in Lower Greenville Murder

Dallas police say surveillance video and fingerprints led detectives to the man they say murdered a young woman on her way to celebrate her 22nd birthday in Lower Greenville.

Sara Hudson's body was later found in a burning vehicle Monday evening.

The medical examiner on Friday released the cause of death, naming the main cause as a gunshot wound. The report also says Hudson inhaled smoke when the car was set on fire, which contributed to her death as well.

Before being escorted into the Dallas County Jail overnight, Glen Richter was at home in Mesquite.

Dallas police say surveillance video and fingerprints led detectives to the man they say murdered a young woman on her way to celebrate her 22nd birthday in Lower Greenville.

His next door neighbor was too and recalls hearing a commotion outside.

"I went outside to figure out what's going on and the police were telling me: 'sir, get back inside, go back inside.' I was like: 'Oh my God, what's going on,'" said Leon Sanders. "Police they came out and surrounded the house. The SWAT team had all their guns out and they requested three or four times for him to come out on the loud speaker but he never would come out."

Sanders says police forced their way in after Richter refused to come out.

"They eventually stormed the house front and back and apprehended him and crime scene came in and they were doing all kinds of fingerprinting and searching for fingerprints," he said.

It is fingerprints and surveillance video, detectives say, helped lead them to Richter in the murder of Hudson.

Surveillance video obtained from a nearby business captured Hudson in a parking lot.

She exits the vehicle "before the suspect approaches her and forces her back inside the vehicle," states the affidavit for arrest warrant.

Detectives analyzed the video and noticed the man had touched the driver’s side door and the rear driver's side door and used the lifted fingerprints on the vehicle to identify Richter as the suspect in the murder.

The police documents do not detail whether Richter set the car on fire.


"Evil incarnate. I mean to imagine my beautiful niece having to spend her last moments in life with such a monster," said Angela Aragon.

Aragon had been anxiously waiting to see her niece's accused killer.

"I had a hard time viewing his photo, especially wrapped in a bath sheet or a towel, naked from the waist up. He's a filthy beast," she said of Richter.

A memorial service for Hudson is planned for Monday, Aug. 26, in Dallas.

On Thursday evening, family and friends gathered at the spot where her body was found to set out candles and pay respects.

Hudson's family released a statement Thursday night:

We wish to express our sincere gratitude to all who have so lovingly surrounded us at this time of loss and sadness. The thoughts and prayers of so many have touched us more than we can ever express. Our thanks and appreciation go out to Detective Frank Serra, the members of the Dallas Police Department’s Homicide Unit, and the larger Department for working so tirelessly and diligently for Sara and our family.
This is an unspeakable tragedy. Sara was a young women of immense talent and immeasurable potential. She was beloved by all who knew her and deeply touched everyone she met. The world is a more precious place because of her and sadder now without her. While her amazing potential may be lost, we have much to learn from how Sara lived each day based on hope, love, and kindness. We miss her and will love her always.
We have the upmost trust and confidence in the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. There is no doubt that they, along with the Dallas Police Department and Detective Serra, will continue to seek and find justice for Sara. At this time, we will focus on healing, the grief we have, and living with this senseless tragedy.
- The Family of Sara Hudson

In Mesquite, Sanders is looking back at the man he called neighbor for several years.

"Just down to earth person. 'How you doing? Everything going ok?' He offered to mow my yard a couple times," said Sanders. "I'd never imagine if you told me he'd do something like that."

Richter is charged with capital murder. The 49-year-old is being held on $1 million bond. Online jail records don't indicate whether Richter has an attorney to answer the charges.

Richter does not have a criminal background other than a 2007 assault case that was dismissed.

Hudson had started work at Schneider trucking company. The company released the following statement:

"We're saddened by the shocking and tragic loss of a Schneider associate from our Dallas brokerage office. We are cooperating with local law enforcement in their investigation of this incident. Our thoughts and prayers are with the associate’s family, friends and co-workers during this difficult time."

On Friday, Lyft confirmed that Richter was a driver for them. The company went on to say they deactivated his account and are assisting law enforcement with their investigation.

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