NBC 5's Reading With You Book of the Week: ‘The Word Collector'

The featured book for July 8-14 is "The Word Collector" by Peter H. Reynolds

This week's featured book is "The Word Collector" by Peter H. Reynolds.

The New York Times Best Selling book highlights a little boy named Jerome, who loves to collect words. As he collects those words, he starts to notice the power he has. This is a practice all children can learn from as new words are the key to reading better each and every day.

NBC 5’s Reading With You is a 9-week reading initiative encouraging elementary-aged children to read at least one book a week throughout the summer to help combat summer learning loss, often referred to as the "summer slide."

Each week, NBC 5 will highlight a book from our online reading list compiled with the help of Reading Partners North Texas.

Reading Partners mobilizes communities to provide students with the proven, individualized reading support they need to read at grade level by 4th grade.

Reading Partners has provided us with the following tips for parents as their young students start to learn new words:

What is my child working on?

• Blending sounds to make words (m-a-t is mat).
• Identifying short and long vowel sounds (apple vs. take; egg vs. bean; igloo vs. like; dog vs. pole).
• Identifying the sounds of initial consonant blends such as "br" as in "bring" and "sm" as in "smell."
• Identifying combinations of letters that create a new sound (digraphs). For example: "ch" "th" "sh."
• Identifying different long vowel patterns such as "ai" as in "maid," or "ea" as in "leaf."
• Identifying characters, plot, setting, problem and solution in a story.
• Using text features such as photos and labels to learn from a nonfiction text.
• Using the glossary to learn key vocabulary words in a nonfiction text.

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