NBC 5 Viewers Help Military Wife Recover Money After Job Scam

When we first heard from Priscilla Perez of Fort Worth, she was embarrassed and devastated. Right before the holidays, she fell victim to a fake job scam.

She thought she’d been hired to work for a charity, but after depositing bogus checks and sending the money off to so-called orphanages, the military wife learned her $2,500 was long gone.

"That was all the money I had to survive. I just feel so stupid," she said.

We received hundreds of calls and Facebook comments about her story.

Some viewers were wondering how she could possibly fall for something like this, but others showed compassion.

job scam quote Priscilla Perez 2
NBC 5 News
job scam quote Priscilla Perez 1
NBC 5 News

So, it was time to bring Perez in to show her how North Texans stepped up, and she couldn't stop crying. 

"It’s God’s work," she said.  "Oh my God!"

She received five checks from our viewers, which wiped her debt clean and made her whole again.

"I was so scared to do this. But I knew that I needed to get this story out because I didn’t want anyone to go through what I went through," Perez said.

And because she used her voice, people in North Texas responded.

"Thank you, Samantha. Oh my God thank you so much. Oh my god. God bless those people," she said.

Perez said she was recently hired for a position at Goodwill and she looks forward to giving back just like our viewers did for her.

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