NBC 5 Responds to Frontier Communications' Billing Error

Like many of us, James Veitenheimer loves to kick his feet up and watch TV during his down time.

He also likes to record his shows, so he added a DVR to his Frontier Communications cable service.

All was going well with the DVR Until he noticed a $200 charge on his bill for an unreturned DVR.

Veitenheimer compared the serial number on his bill to the serial number on the DVR. It was the same. His DVR was still in use and shouldn't have been listed as unreturned. 

He said he called Frontier Communications about this for five months, and each time, he said they acknowledged the problem, but they said they didn't have the authority to fix it.

So, the consumer called a group that specializes in fixing problems: NBC 5 Responds.

Frontier Communications told us their representative did not follow procedure and apologized for the lack of service he experienced.

That same week, Veitenheimer got a call from the cable company, letting him know the problem was corrected and he'd see the $200 credit on his bill in a few days.

Problem solved.

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