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NBC Responds Helps Fort Worth Veteran Get $2K Back From Repairman

A Fort Worth man reached out to NBC 5 Responds after paying a repairman more than $2,000 for work he said was never finished.

John Marshall's backyard fence was due to be replaced, so he called Nathan Anderson — a repairman referred to him by a neighbor.

"He came by and he looked at the fence," Marshall said. "He said 'Alright, this is what I'll charge you.'" 

That quote was $4,650, but Marshall would have to pay half up front in cash to buy the supplies. So Marshall met Anderson at a bank July 11 and paid him.

Anderson showed up and tore out Marshall's fence, but he didn't return to put up the new fence. Marshall said Anderson made several excuses.

"His daughter had pneumonia, his brother got into a car accident," Marshall said.

Marshall eventually asked for a refund. Anderson said he would return the supplies and pay him back, but Marshall said he waited weeks without Anderson following through.

So Marshall called NBC 5 Responds.

We called Anderson, who explained the work delay was due to a problem with the supply order. And as for the refund, he said he started a new job and kept getting sent out of town. He sent a text shortly after saying he would be home Sept. 9 for two weeks.

On Sept. 9, Marshall received a text from Anderson saying the money was left in the bushes outside his home.

Marshall rushed home and confirmed that $2,300 in cash was left in front of his home.

"I feel great," he said. "I'm just glad you guys came around to help me out."

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