NBC 5 Receives More Complaints About Local Auto Parts Shop

NBC 5 Responds has helped customers get more than $8,500 back from the shop

After NBC 5 Responds' first story aired, more North Texas consumers said they, too, were ripped off by the owner of A1 Engines, Chris Nasrallah.

Ronnie Womack said he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Nasrallah on his TV screen.

He said he's been waiting on his transmission for more than a year.

Womack said he paid Nasrallah $600 after he borrowed the money from his cousin.

"My cousin passed away during all of this. He passed away," he said. "He just don't get what he's putting people through."

NBC 5 Responds heard from several people in North Texas with similar stories, including two men who were adamant about holding Nasrallah accountable.

After we got involved, every consumer we heard from got their money back.

After seeing our first story, Luis Gonzales said he paid Nasrallah $378 for a computer for his truck, and wanted his money back too.

Like the others, he said he got the wrong part.

"He's taken so much people's money and not even giving them what they pay for," Gonzales said.

Former Dallas County Judge Jim Foster said he's not surprised to see that Nasrallah is back in the headlines.

"He's moved from one sham to another sham," Foster said.

In 2008, Nasrallah faced felony theft charges after he allegedly ordered a man who worked for him to steal cars for their parts.

"That's the one (case) that went into the back drawer of the file cabinet, never to be seen again," Foster said.

The case was dismissed years later and Nasrallah has never been convicted of a crime related to his business.

But Foster said Nasrallah's business practices are questionable.

"He takes their money and he preys on them and they have no ability to do anything about it," Foster said.

As for Womack and Gonzales, we called the shop on their behalf and later that day, they both got their money back -- over $900 between the two.

Foster said he's happy for these consumers, but wants other potential customers to be careful.

"Will he continue to get away with it? I doubt it," he said.

When we first talked to Nasrallah, he said "no cash refunds" is posted on the receipt, but anyone with a legitimate complaint can come by and get a refund.

He said he was a business man and he knows what he's doing.

Nasrallah's business is located at 5900 West Davis Street in Dallas.

So far, we've helped consumers get back more than $8,500. 

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