NBC 5 Helps Cowboys Fan Get Refund After StubHub Ticket Glitch

A North Texas woman ordered Cowboys preseason tickets two months in advance, but when it was time to download those tickets, it wouldn't work.

Erin Hipps is not your typical Cowboys fan -- she's a self-proclaimed fanatic. So when her tickets to a preseason game wouldn't download, NBC 5 Responds looked into it.

Every year, Hipps and her husband attend at least one preseason game.

"I can get preseason tickets very affordable," she said.

Keeping the tradition alive, she went on StubHub.com in June and ordered two tickets to the Cowboys vs. Cincinnati Bengals game. 

The tickets weren't available for download on the day she ordered, but claimed they would be ready on July 18. When she checked that day, they weren't ready and they still weren't ready when she checked again a few weeks later, Hipps said.

She said she called StubHub and was told to give them 24 hours so they could look into the problem.

"They said give them 48 hours. I said wait a minute, 48 hours is going to puts us 10 days out," Hipps said. "That makes me very nervous that I can't get my tickets."

A StubHub representative told her that there were some changes with the NFL this year, and those changes were affecting ticket downloads.

That's when she asked for her money back and she was leery about the whole transaction, so she called NBC 5 Responds to look into it.

StubHub told us it did have technical issues with barcode uploading. In this case, the seller did upload the tickets to the site, but they were not visible to Hipps.

StubHub said customers should not experience any issues buying NFL tickets from them and the error has been fixed.

Not only did Hipps get a full refund, StubHub also sent her a $20 credit, which she used to secure tickets to the Cowboys' first preseason home game.

StubHub said all purchases on its site are backed by its "Fanprotect Guarantee."

If something goes wrong, StubHub will replace the order with comparable tickets or offer a full refund.

StubHub tips for buying tickets:

1. Set a price alert – To get the best deals on StubHub, we encourage you to set a price alert on the app. You will get notified when tickets are available at the price you choose. It’s a great way to score the best deals!

2. Always check that there is a guarantee in place – Regardless of where you buy tickets, we recommend that you check that the website you’re using has a guarantee in place to cover you for any issues. StubHub was the first ticket marketplace to introduce a guarantee, which call the FanProtect Guarantee. It covers all transactions on the site and StubHub will either replace your tickets or provide you with a full refund if something goes wrong.

3. Never post pictures of your barcode online – We know it can be exciting when your tickets arrive and you may want to post them on your social media channels. It is very easy to copy barcodes and fraudsters could find the picture of your tickets online and copy the barcodes. If they beat you to the gate, your tickets won’t work. If you want to post your tickets, cover up the barcode so it cannot be replicated and any other personal information to protect yourself.

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