NBC 5 Anchor Meredith Land Featured in Local Magazine

Jonathan Zizzo & Modern Luxury Dallas

In TV news, there are rigid rules around what we wear on air (solids are best), how we style our hair (the fuller the better) and the jewelry we choose (simple) because, frankly, you tune in for the day's headlines, not for a fashion distraction. That's why when Modern Luxury Dallas came to my house to ask about my favorite beauty products, I had such a blast playing dress up in these beautifully chic clothes. For my must-haves, click here.

I don't really think about my daily routine much, but since they were asking about the journey from intern to now, I shared this. I moved to Dallas 15 years ago to anchor the weekend mornings on NBC 5, and all these years later I am still here.

I am originally from Charleston, South Carolina. I started my career there right out of college as the morning anchor (lived with my parents, made $20k per year) and four years later, I moved to Dallas. I love living in Texas with my husband and raising our little ones here. I really feel like that DFW allows me to pursue my career in place where I can also have family balance.

My beauty routine? I guess more than anything I am very consistent each night before bed (11 p.m.). I wear a heavy load of makeup from 3 p.m. until 11 p.m. during the week. Exfoliation, toning, moisturizing and eye creams are part of it. I rarely skip a step. I am a huge proponent of sleep. My grandmother says sleep is more important than exercise, and naturally, I am going to listen to her. I can nap anytime, anywhere and I make it a priority.

I love shopping local and adore The Greenway Shop. These lady bosses are helping me incorporate more clean, holistic products into my beauty regime.

Outside of the products mentioned in Modern Luxury's list, my all-time favorite lip gloss comes from the drugstore. It's Revlon's Ultra HD Lip Lacquer in Smoky Topaz. I buy most of my lotions and potions from Dr. Fiona Wright, of Skin MD and Beyond in Plano. The best makeup, hair, workout and fashion tips honestly come from other women on social media. They're always honest about what works and what doesn't and they teach me so much.

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