Native Dallas Musician Releases New Single ‘MoNa' for Earth Week

The band About You's new single, MoNa, turned out to be a way for musician Max Poscente to talk about an issue he's passionate about: the climate crisis

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The band About You released a new single during Earth Week. Fitting, since the title 'MoNa' is for Mother Nature.

"It's just a drop in the ocean," musician Max Poscente said. "And all an ocean is, is a multitude of drops, so this is my contribution to that change."

Poscente said he didn't set out to write a song about the climate crisis. It just started with a guitar riff and a name; Mona.

"The more I kind of sat with the name and tried to find some meaning in it," Poscente said, "I broke up the 'Mo' and the 'Na', found Mother Nature, and I'm super passionate about advocating for the climate crisis, so I thought this could be the opportunity to do that."

24-year-old Poscente is a graduate of Dallas ISD's Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts. He's a Dallas native, who now lives in Los Angeles, and records at Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas with producer, Jeff Saenz.

"The hardest thing was patience, but the greatest miracle was working with Jeff," Poscente said.

Poscente is hoping the 'MoNa' lyrics will catch listeners' attention, and make them think about the environment.

"It kinda feels like a slow burn suicide...it's in front of our eyes; White Rock Lake is freezing over, California is seeing bigger wildfires than ever, sea levels are rising," Poscente said. "I can't think of a better way to get people to think differently than a piece of art."

About You has partnered with the Foundation for Climate Restoration to raise money through a music video for 'MoNa' to combat climate issues.

"If I have one goal, it's to have people who don't believe in it at least consider it might be in their, kids, grandkids-to-come best interest," Poscente said. "If I can inspire that moment within this climate crisis, this is what I want; I want to make a difference. That would feel like success."

About You's single 'MoNa' is streaming on all platforms.

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