National Politics Make Their Way Into Texas Senate District 10 Race

Texas State Senate District 10 encompasses part of Fort Worth and it is a swing district in the state legislature.

The seat is currently held by Sen. Konni Burton (R), who is being challenged by Democrat Beverly Powell.

National politics have made their way into the race.

Burton is comparing Beverly Powell to Hillary Clinton, using Powell's own words. There is a snippet of Powell in a Burton commercial, where Powell says, "I think I am for sure a more Hillary-type candidate."

Burton released a statement to NBC 5, about the digital ad, saying, “Hillary Clinton ran for president on raising taxes, gun control, support for late term abortions, 'sanctuary’ cities, and amnesty for illegal immigrants. These are not the values of Senate District 10 and it’s why Hillary lost this district. It’s also why it’s important that voters hear my opponent, in her own words, profess herself to be the “Hillary type candidate.”

Powell said she is her own candidate and explained the clip this way: "You have to recognize that those little 10 second quips come from all kinds of silly questions along the campaign trail. That was all the way back in the very beginning of our primary season."

She wants to talk about issues, not past elections.

"We are going to talk about the issues that we think are so important to the families that live in Senate District 10 and in fact all across the state of Texas. Issues like funding public schools and improving the quality of our public school education. We are going to talk about job creation, and workforce training, and higher education in the state of Texas. And we are going to talk about those issues that we know are so important to families that live in district 10,” she added.

This is a district that has been in Republican hands since 2014. Before that, it was held by Sen. Wendy Davis who left the position to run for governor against Greg Abbott.

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