National Fraternity Suspends North Texas Chapter at UTA

A national fraternity is suspending a chapter in North Texas, effective immediately. The Sigma Chi fraternity on the University of Texas - Arlington faces indefinite suspension.

The move comes on the heels of an alleged hazing incident, which was reported in the on-campus publication, The Shorthorn. The alleged incident happened late March and led to a student being hospitalized for alcohol consumption, and police being called to investigate. NBC 5 has requested further information about the alleged investigation and where it stands.

That seems to have sparked the national Sigma Chi headquarters to take action. The fraternity's Executive Committee voted to suspend the UTA chapter, citing members' failure to follow the 'Preparation for Brotherhood' pledge program and repeated violations of the fraternity's alcohol policies.

"It is unfortunate when the fraternity closes one of its chapters, but the severity of these circumstances are simply too grievous to allow the culture that exists within the group to perpetuate," said the fraternity's International President Tommy Geddings in a statement. "The Executive Committee was left with no other option than to close the chapter."

The move comes on the heels of UTA suspending social activities at at 31 of its fraternities and sororities. The University said that was not due to one incident, but a culture both at UTA and nationally.

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