NAS Fort Worth JRB to Conduct Active Shooter Exercise Tuesday

Officials at NAS Fort Worth JRB will conduct an active-shooter exercise Tuesday morning.

While the training is being done away from occupied buildings and main travel routes, passersby may notice emergency response vehicles and hear outdoor warning notifications systems being activated.

The audible warnings will be followed by the words, "exercise, exercise, exercise."

Officials at the base said active shooter training is "designed to enhance the training and readiness of Navy security forces to respond to real-world threats to the installation and its tenant commands. This exercise is not in response to any specific threat, but is a regularly scheduled training exercise."

The training will begin during off-peak hours to alleviate traffic congestion -- there will also be a 10-minute delay to inbound and outbound traffic at the base once the exercise begins.

NAS Fort Worth JRB is committed to keeping the public informed about any likely impacts this exercise may cause. For more information, contact the Installation Public Affairs Office at 817-782-7815 or e-mail

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