Mystery Metal Crashes Into Dallas Home

Investigators working to determine what fell from the sky.

(STORY UPDATE: Flying Metal Mystery Solved: Just a Machine Part)

A Dallas homeowner has a bizarre story to tell the insurance company.

A large piece of metal apparently fell from the sky and crashed into the home on Buford Drive in Oak Cliff.

"I saw pieces of what looked like trash on the floor, and it scared me," Rosalina Perez said. "I thought a piece of the roof had caved in."

Investigators said the six-pound chunk of metal slammed into the home with enough force to put a hole in the roof and second floor of the home.

"It went through everything -- the refrigerator, the carpet and the ceiling and the roof of the house," Ivone Perez said.

The metal had burn marks with two drill holes.

No one was home when it hit, so there were no injuries. The debris missed Ivone Perez' bed by a few inches.

"It went through my room," Perez said. "If it would have landed there at night, it could have killed somebody."

Investigators told the family it might have come from a satellite or an airplane.

Several local and state agencies were notified of the incident, but so far it's not clear what the debris is or where it came from.

Dallas police said radiactive tests on the metal were negative.

Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse said there were no other reports of similar incidents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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