Family of Missing Retired Firefighter Desperate for Answers

Investigators are combing for clues into the mysterious disappearance of a retired Dallas firefighter.

Michael Chambers, 70, was last seen Friday in Hunt County.

Investigators are trying to figure out whether he left on his own or if he was forced to leave.

Detectives spent Tuesday interviewing people about the case and discussing it with Texas Rangers, according to a spokesperson for the Hunt County Sheriff's Office.

Chambers' family said the last five days have been like living in a nightmare.

"We just can't put any scenario together in our heads that makes any sense at all," said daughter Cheri Hanes.

"It is excruciating. Not knowing is excruciating," added daughter Suzy Losoya. "Someone saw something, someone has to know something." 

Chambers worked as a Dallas firefighter for 36 years and his daughters and son said he was strong even in retirement.

"He spent his life rescuing others. Never needs rescuing," Losoya said through tears. 

"He's mentally completely healthy, he's strong as an ox," added Hanes. "You would never think he's a 70-year-old man."

Chambers's son, John Chambers, said his father had been planning on coming to watch his grandchildren play soccer on Saturday morning.

"I spent a lot of time with him," John Chambers said. "In addition to being my dad, he was one of my best friends."

The two would often work on muscle cars together in the workshop next to Chambers' home. Inside the family's front door are dozens of trophies and photos of cars he has rebuilt – what his family calls his "hall of fame."

"He's the superhero for us," Hanes said.

In Quinlan, missing person fliers are going up in stores and restaurants around town, including the Dairy Queen where employees said Chambers was frequent customer.

"He comes in here with his wife all the time. And he's such a nice man, so everybody's just praying for him," said assistant manager Jamie Weathers.

Chambers' last-known sighting was at a Wal-Mart store located next to the Dairy Queen.

Surveillance video released Tuesday shows him walking out of the store at about 11 a.m. Friday, March 10. Investigators said he bought make-up for his wife and was not followed.

It was revealed Monday that a small amount of blood was found in a shop at his Quinlan home. The blood is being tested to determine to whom it belongs.

Investigators said Chambers spoke with his wife on the phone at about 8 a.m. Friday. She and a neighbor reported him missing when she arrived home that evening at about 7 p.m. and he wasn't there, according to a 911 call released Tuesday.

As the investigation unfolds, people in the tight-knit town are eager for answers, and some are concerned for their safety.

"It's something really unusual, and it's kind of scary to think somebody just disappeared, because you don't really know what happened to him. It could happen to other people," said lifelong Hunt County resident Brenda Nelson.

Chambers' family is encouraging the public to call the Hunt County Sheriff's Office with any information they may have regarding the disappearance.

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